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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  August 31, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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billion this is as leaders call for a new round of budget cuts to offset what is going on with irene. >> reporter: this time, besides being lead not by speaker john boehner but eric cantor of virginia. cantor is a man who is -- be cut in order to cover all of the costs of cleaning up after hurricane irene. irene is history. and a new political storm is brewing on capitol hill. and that is who threatenning to slow money. >> i don't have the money to rebuild but to response and support the assistance. that is our priority right now. >> reporter: while the fema director said the agency has enough money for now, fema's disaster account has less than $800.000000 a spending debate threatens to hold up any new thumbs. >> and when there is a disaster -- we will find the mean. >> reporter: the house republican major leader eric
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cantor of virginia said that any new government spending on irene will have to be offset in new budget cuts. and we had discussions before and that money will be offset with appropriate savings or cost-cutting elsewhere to meet the priority of the federal government. >> reporter: since 1990 of the $130 billion in fema disaster funs, $110 billion came from the emergency congressional funding. the democrats say the idea of dragging fema into a political budget battle is unprecedented. >> and it's not responsible at all. this is an emergency situation. >> reporter: democratic senator ben cardin of maryland sits on the senate finance committee. >> we need to respond and to try to hold that off as leverage to accomplish other agenda is wrong. >> reporter: when the white house requested wo$.8 billion for fema's disaster fund, fema itself estimated that left the
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fund two to $4 billion short for 2012. organization way, the administration said that the public has no appetite for another political fight. >> american people want washington to work. and they're fed up with washington not working. >> reporter: congress is going to get back to work after labor day and they're going to get a visitor, laura. the white house announced on september 7th next wednesday, the president is going to address a joint session of congress to talk about jobs and the economy request. >> reporter: and there seems there is controversy about the timing next week. why aren't republicans happy about this? there is a big republican presidential primary debate scheduled for next wednesday night at the reagan library and in california. the white house announced the speech for the very night of that debate. republicans are scoffing at this and saying that the white house is simply trying to push the republicans off of the stage and, in fact, speaker john boehner a few moments ago, released a letter officially asking the white house to postpone this until the it error. he said it's for -- until the
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8th and this is for security reasons. >> all right, we'll see how it plays out. thank you. the national park service said that there may be hidden leaks in the washington monument in the wake of the earthquake and hurricane last week. engineers sealed cracks from the quake and discovered water inside the monument after the storm. a park service spokesperson said that there were puddles on stairwells toward the top on monday. engineers are searching for the source of the leak and say the monument is structurally sound. the news edge on maryland now with montgomery county police are investigating what could be a bizarre case of road rage. this involves a motorist who allegedly rammed into a silver spring 's car and tossed live power lines at it. karen gray houston is following this. karen? >> reporter: this story has all keeps of unbelievable angles. who would pick up live power lines and try to hurt someone with them? then, police say the suspect
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smelled of alcohol. and the accused is a d.c. attorney. the police have charged the 32- year-old richard bealzach of college park with assault, malicious destruction of property and wreckless dangerment. the man he allegedly followed doesn't want his face shown. he tells fox 5 the man attacked him after he reached a dead end where fallen power lines blocked the road around brewster and worth avenue in silver spring. she said that bealzach told police he thought young kids were chasing him on the hoe. the victim tells us the assault on him -- on the highway and the victim tells us the assault on him was relentless. >> he started punching my window and kickingmy door. he backed up his car and rammed into the back of my car. and he backed his car up again and rammed into the back again. he got out of his car and went to the front, grabbed two live
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power lines and tempted -- attempted to throw them on to the car. >> the surface doesn't appear to be stranger versus stranger, but this was a very dangerous act. the gentleman could have electrocuted himself or the victim or any bystanders. >> the lawyer for bealzach plans to fight the charges. his client faces up to 48 years in prison and fines of up to $15,000. laura. >> and karen gray houston, thank you. friends, teachers and family are prepareing to honor the life of a maryland college football player. derek she'lly played for pittsburgh stage and collapsed on the practice field august 22nd. this past sunday, his family announced he had died. bob barnard is live in germantown with more. bob? >> and this is a sad time here at northwest high school. the son of a teacher, a member of the class of 2007, died late sunday after getting hurt on the football field in western
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maryland. and derek she'lly was 22 years old, a senior pullback on the frostburg bobcats football team. he was injured 9 days ago during practice, a head injury of some sort. no details yet from the university. derek was an honor student here at northwest high school and captain of the football team his senior season. he went to penn state and transferred after a year so he could play football. he got that opportunity at frostburg and ncaa division 3 school. derek collapsed after getting hurt in practice a week ago on monday and flown to baltimore shock trauma where he died sunday night n. a statement issued to fox 5 now, derek's parents say that we are proud of our son. this was tragic accident. he fought for his life. unfortunately, the head trauma was too severe and during his hospital stay, we said we were waiting for a miracle when we realized he was a miracle. he truly enriched our lives and
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we're grateful for that. derek was extraordinary and we're very proud of him. friday night at blake high school, northwest high school football players will be wearing decals on their helmets with derek's number 40 and had mother is an english typer here, the sister graduated from northwest high school last year and we're waiting for more details from frost bug state. they said that they should be able to tell us what happened 9 days ago. and when we get that information, we'll pass it to you. >> sorry for that family. thank you for the update. and former nba player jarvaris crittenton waived extradition and will be tried in -- heading back to georgia to be tried in a murder case. he was charged with a shooting death of a two-year-old woman in atlanta. a few days later, he flew to los angeles and was arrested there on monday. you may remember crittenton is the player involved in an incident with gilbert arenas. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge in that incident. it's been around for three
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decades. coming up at 6:15, the fight to save a farm in one local county. plus, two of the big of the wireless carriers in the country want to join forces. find out why the government is trying to put the brakes on this multimillion merger. sue. and say goodbye to august. the last day of moat logical summer. that can only mean one thing. labor day weekend coming up. it will be hurricane free. we'll have the rest of the details on that labor day weekend coming up. 
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>> two of the biggest cell phone companies in the country want to merge. the department of justice wants to put it on hold. fox 5s money reporter melanie alnwick has more on why the government thinks that would be bad for customers. >> reporter: between at&t and t might be will. they say the deal would be a boost for the economy. the justice department said it's worried about how it would affect your wallet. the department is suing to block the deal and say the $39
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billion buyout of t. might be will will reduce competition and raise prices for customers. ate said it's surprised and disappointed by the justice department's lawsuit and said the doj never hinted, despite several from a deal and at&t claims not only will anyone at the call center lose their job, they will bring 5,000 jobs back to the u.s. and for the justice department, the problem is still the consumers usually suffering from a lack of competition in the market. >> consumers across the country, includeing in ruraliaries and those with lower incomes, have benefitted from competition among the nation's wireless carriers. >> they're verizon, at&t, sprint, and t. mobile. those four companies make up more than 90% of the wireless market. laura. thank you, mel a. -- melanie. >> first, e rope made them change -- irene made them change plans at the last minute
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and now folks have a new concern. her name is maya angelou. why she's upset with a quote on that statue. and plus. farm lands or soccer fields. well, it depends on who you add. the new england patriots wide receiver chad ochocinco sleeps with -- [ lost audio ] 
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>> a capitol hill landmark is
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closing its doors, kind of. it will shut down in late september. the owner said he lost his lease. a new owner is taking over the hockendove and plans to keep the same name. the original owner will auction off most of the bar's collectibles and the rest he will give to his daughter. a farm operating for three decades in montgomery county. the county said the need for recreational soccer fields down county means the form may have to go away -- farm may have to go away. some are fighting to stop the process and fox tv asbeth parker has the story. >> reporter: soy beans or soccer balls. and that is the debate on the 20-acre stretch in potomac. >> you can see the small bones here developping. >> reporter: he's an organic farmer and spawned for 31 years is tucked between houses along
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brick yard roads. >> we're probably the only organic seed farm in montgomery county. >> and the land is actually owned by the montgomery county board of education. the board wants to start leasing to the county itself and that means nick would be shut out. >> can't do it. >> not going to be able to reyou in your lease. >> what do you think? i was, i said, why? or -- what have i done? you haven't done anything. >> reporter: the county wants to put the property out to bid for someone to turn it into soccer fields and parking. and so began a grassroots effort. ted dunkin' is president of the civic association of receiver falls and say fighting for the neighbors,. we're frustrated enough to higher council. we gaged an attorney to work on our behalf to try to stop this process. >> reporter: he's worried about traffic and enviromental issues and more worried about his
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belief that the county cut the deal behind closed doors. >> and that is why there is frustration. the county executive, ike leggett, said we're going to go ahead with this. this is what i want. >> reporter: leggett spokesman patrick lacefield said the neighbors shouldn't be surprised at all. >> well, the county's plan is based on the masterplan and governing how property is supposed to be used and side specifically, it's -- if it's not used, should be used for recreational or other uses. >> and nick and the neighbors say they'll keep fighting. according to the county soccer here, is a done deal. in montgomery county, beth parker, fox 5 news. mayaasm lou is in with the new mlk memorial. the quote on the statue of dr. king makes him seem like an arrogant twit and he was anything but. that the quote said, quote, i was a drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness. that is a paraphrase of the
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quote by the civil rights leader but shortened because of a lack of space on the memorial. age lou said it was taken out of -- angelou said it was taken out of context and wants yet replaced. the executive director fired back saying in no way do we believe this paraphrased statement mean little for the meaning of the word and doesn't plan to change the memorial. >> and what a beautiful day to be out. gorgeous. >> and that is a nice run after the weekend. >> and we deserve it. >> we do and -- >> die it all the time. >> you think that? tomorrow is september 1st, they were saying downstairs and time to rain socks, everybody. >> take the white off. >> we're going to have a day that is going to be comfortable and the trend for the next few days is going to be for things to heat up a bit and you're going to start to feel a little hint of august saying, you know what? i don't feel like going and
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mean while, tonight is beautiful and it's going to be labor day weekend, though. i have to tell you the labor day weekend forecast will be warmer and may feature a few showers and storms and this is because a comfort is approaching -- cold front is approaching slowly and we'll be swigging through the area on labor day. doesn't look like a washout but a couple of storms to keep an eye on. like we did memorial day. today's temperature is delightful at 84. , dulles, 83; humidity in check and temperatures are pleasant at 6:00 and down to 79 for dulles and gaithersburg. frederick, you are 82 and leonardtown, 79 degrees. annapolis, 80 where i know many of you are with the power tonight and some of the temperatures have been reasonable. we are going to be heating up and we can see that as we look at the temperature of 81 degrees and travel to the west to find cincinnati at 89. st. louis, current temperature is 101 and nashville, 94; chicago, 86 degrees and when we
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get the picture opened wider, we know they're continuing to broil here in tech text. 108 -- in texas. 108 for kansas as well, ten is 8 in wichita and continue 2 for amarillo and dallas. a -- 102 for amarillo and dallas. we'll probably tie for the second hottest summer in 2010, pails in comparison to what is going on in texas and oklahoma and kansas. for us tonight, clear and comfortable, 65 degrees and tomorrow, another nice day, warmer and more humidity. still nice and just so wonderful that it's thursday. isn't it? we're so mixed up here at fox 5, we don't know what day it is because of all of the hurricane and earthquake coverage from last week. we know this. this looks like a nice thursday tomorrow and start out at serve at 8 in the morning, 81 by noon and by 4:00, should be about 85 degrees. the max hd satellite and radar, not much to see. a couple of high, then clouds and maybe a few clouds around leave night. the sprinkles should stay to
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the west and we don't expect to see any of that and got to mention tropical storm katia, almost a hurricane and don't be surprised about it. the mid-atlantic, $1,200, 85 miles east of then withward islands and forecast to -- 1285- moles east of the winward irk lans and it does appear as it's going to try to make a turn and not sure where that is and we still need to watch katia. we hope that will clear the east coast from the concern of caughtia -- katia. it's too early to call it. all right, we're talking about a three-day weekend for a lot of you, maybe a four-day. not a bad beach weekend and temperatures into the upper 80s. saturday and sunday and monday, though, we have to watch and one or two thunderstorms around the region. >> okay. >> because of the front that doesn't want to move to it. >> okay, and we have enjoyed the past few days. >> most definite. >> thank you very much. >> coming up, are the skins preparing? they're preparing for the final
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test in the preseason against the buck new orleans. are they at full strength? that is the question. next in sports. >> first, a bad break for a poll vaulter at the world championships. during an attempt almost 19 feet in the air, his pole snaps. the good news here, he landed on the mat and not on the track. the bad news is he was unable to continue to pursue a metal. bummer.
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>> good afternoon. back in 2002, steve spurrier's first season with the skins, the old ball coach kept the quarterback inside the beltway until the end. he waited until the final preseason game was over to declare shane matthews the starting quarterback over danny werfle, both gator, fyi.
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same scenario for beck and rex. we know that landry starts at safety and if -- that is a big if. they played the first three sea -- preseason games without him. he won't play tomorrow night against tampa. if he's not ready for the season opener september 11th against the giants, guys like dowdy will have to step up. >> that is in the out of pressure. that is why i signed back. exactly the scenario they signed me back for to play special teams to start if i need you and i am comfortable in both safety positions and have gotten more reps in camp and i feel ready to go yo and that is why reid is here, chris is here and that is a good combination. >> steven strasburg is set to make his season debut and when the dodgers come and scheduled to start on republican and in the final minor league start.
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nats are back in action in atlanta. last night, and including this to michael morris. look where this lanes? his 23rd home run of the season. and 2nd baseman danny espinosa muscled up and taking this out. 19th on the year and went on to win 9-2 and john lan ham takes on derek lowes. >> the exhibition game in baltimore and scored 36, a team high and not a game high and that is unofficial. that is what the p.a. announcer said. and one 49-141 before a capacity crowd at morgan state. u.s. open news, venus williams withdrew before a second-round match against
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sabina labiski. williams is sufferina-from-an auto immune disease causing low energy and joint pain. and congrats to brandon meyer, from herndon and his biggest claim to fame, he married our own lindsay murphy. that is sports. >> that is very exciting and remember what -- this is the success time he's playing, right? >> called up a company of time. >> right. >> and that was historic,ta. >> and dave feldman, thank you very much. now you have the news edge. the news is all on keep it here. tmz on tv is coming up next. we'll see you tonight for fox 5 news at 10. have a good evening.  
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